You will find refreshments stations at the shoreline. They will offer water, fruits, and energy drinks. They are placed at the following km marks.

  2,5  /  39,7  
 5,0   /  37,2  
  7,0  /  35,2 
10,6  /  31,7 
14,0  /  28,2 
17,5  /  24,7 

If you wish to bring your own refreshmenst, you can do that! -But this options is only possible for full marathon competitors. 
Please hand in your refreshments at the start/end zone inthe city by the late entry line no later than 9.00 am. Please include: runner number, name and refreshment station (km).
Our officials will then deliver your refreshments at the location wanted.

North Sea Beach Marathon cannot be held responsible for missing refreshments of your own.