Start locations and times

Hvide Sande By, Auktionsgade

 Time  Distance  Place
10.00 AM  1/1 Marathon - 42,2 km   Hvide Sande By, Auktionsgade
11.30 AM  1/2 Marathon - 21,1 km  Hvide Sande By, Auktionsgade
11.45 AM  10 km  Hvide Sande By, Auktionsgade
12.00 PM 5 km  Hvide Sande By, Auktionsgade
05.00 PM  End of the day  


Please note the deadline for entering and the conditions which are listed separately

Warm up:

Approximately 15 minutes before start for the participants at 5 km and 10 km.


Resultet will be displayed as soon after the races as possible at and

In the end zone there will be two Ipads displayed. They will be
online and you can also see your own personal result there.

Results will not be sendt personaly.