Knowledge of sun and sunscreen

When you stay in the sun, the skin should always be protected with sunscreen. There are many brands of sunscreen in the Danish market. Most brands include sunscreen with different sun protection factors.

Too much sun can cause cancer. In collaboration with the Cancer Society, there will be free sunscreen for participants in the start and finish area. Sunscreen will also be availeble at some refreshment stations.

When choosing a sunscreen, you must consider

Who will use the sunscreen - children or adults or people with special skin problems, etc.?
Where will the sun screen be used - in Denmark or abroad?
Under what conditions will it be used - sports, hiking, beach holidays, gardening, etc.?

In general, choose sunscreen based on your skin type, from the climate and from the UV index. The lighter the skin and the higher the UV index, the higher the sun protection factor.

The best sun protection available is following the Cancer Society's four advices
  • Siesta - avoid the sun between 12.00 pm and 3.00 pm
  • Sun hat - protect yourself with a hat, clothing and shade
  • Sunscreen - use sunscreen with min. SPF 15
  • Turn off the solarium - do not go to the solarium
For more information, please contact:

 Ringkøbing Løve Apotek
     Torvegade 5
     6950 Ringkøbing
     Tlf. 97 32 05 11
     Fax 97 32 42 97

 Here you will recieve advice on sunscreen for your needs.